Saturday, February 06, 2010

Inspirational stubbornness...

I sat beside a chap on the train who was checking his email on one of these... Apple Newton... using MiFi:

From time to time I have a blether with a chap from Lanark. He's a big fan of the Newton and was "checking his emails" when i sat down beside him on Friday.

Why did I find this inspirational? Well... you and I probably can and do check our email on a number of devices... predominately on a PC or Mac... and our phone.

My friend was checking his mail on his Apple Newton Messagepad... and this was no ordinary feat - his Newton was connected via a wireless card to a mifi device (the mifi device is a 3g dongle with a router).

I am fascinated with this kind of stubbornness... I find it a very creative and inspirational state of mind... and something I can be inspired by.

Its about seeing the intrinsic value and worth in something... and making it work regardless of the obstacles that are faced.

The Newton, from my friend's raving, was an awesome device lightyears ahead of its time... and is something that, with a bit of care and bloodymindedness, can still add value 17 years after it was released.

I suppose its like me and my 35mm film cameras...

280110_ Voigtlander Vito CL

I recently received this camera : the Voigtlander Vito CL : from an elderly couple in church. They knew of my love of photography and figured I would appreciate their cherished camera. Whilst I was delighted... I was also a little sad - their son had refused the camera... because it was film.

There is a sense of the counter-cultural in all this... rejecting the consumeristic notion of obsolescence... and deciding for yourself when something is "passed it".

There is also a sense of contentment... in the acceptance of something for what it is and... by hook or by crook... making it do what you need it to.

As change continues to intensify... I wonder if we will see more of this... see more people accepting what they have and being creative in how they adapt for their current needs.

I am an advocate of the "its not what you have but what you do with it that counts" - I see this stubbornness as an extension of this idea. Its not the Newton but the fact my friend can use it to email that counts... using an ingenious method that mixes old and new tech. Similarly, its not the camera but the pictures that count... afterall, your megapixels mean squat when your composure is lousy.

I see a day coming when I'll need to start shooting in black and white... and developing the films myself. When that day comes... I will welcome it for the opportunity it is.

Creativity is about new ideas, new technologies and the freedom of being a pioneer... but it is also about working within constraints... within the limitations and making the lemonade from the lemon.

Long may there be people prepared to make lemonade!



Anonymous said...

That is inspirational. So great to see someone who like you say, sees the value in something. We live so much in a replaceable society that we don't value things anymore.

I love the creativity and challenge involved in making something work how you want it to.

Angus Mathie said...

Well said! I don't feel so bad about using paper and ink now. Long live the Filofax.

Anonymous said...

someone gave me a film camera and I love how heavy it is


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