Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two rolls of film... #2

210210_ Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim_ 012

210210_ Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim_ 005

210210_ Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim_ 001

I got another two rolls of film developed today... 2 rolls of Kodak ColorPkus ISO200 from my Olympus [mju] zoom and my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim.

Whilst I am pleased with the output (I think 4 pics didn't make the cut) I am less happy with the film... and think I will be making the transition to Fujicolor Superia Xtra ISO400 in the next wee while as I run my stocks of Kodak down.

Anyway... the top three pics are from my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim... which is really growing on me. The bottom three are from the Olympus [mju] zoom which is impressing me too...

210210_ Olympus [mju] zoom_ 018

210210_ Olympus [mju] zoom_ 016

210210_ Olympus [mju] zoom_ 011

I love film!


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