Sunday, March 21, 2010

I recently joined and have found it an engaging experience. According to their "about"...
"Gravity connects people with shared interests and helps them engage in meaningful and fun conversations. While social networks are great for connecting you with people you already know, Gravity connects you with people you should know and should be talking to because they share your passions."
It works as follows...
"Gravity makes it easy to nurture your interests by enabling group conversations around topics. Gravity is made up of thousands of Worlds, which are user-created topic pages for group discussion and sharing. Users can easily discover new Worlds and keep track of them, as well as any people or conversations that interest them, by clicking the Orbit button. Gravity gives every user a voice and makes it easy for anyone to share relevant thoughts, opinions and experiences."
Basically... it takes discussion forums to the next level... and I like that. I even like their "error" page - dinosaurs are the new whales.

It is currently in beta... but I have 10 invites (you get them when you join) if you want to give it a go. Please leave a comment with your email... and I'll hook you up.



Anonymous said...

Looks quite interesting. If you have any invites left, I'd be grateful for one (

Unknown said...

i would like to get an invite too. May I have one?

Brod Neil

weareallghosts said...

Neil... I don't think you need an invite anymore.



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