Monday, March 22, 2010

New Tunes :: Monday

211209_ Hipstamatic_ Miriam with Olly's iPhone & my headphones (355/365)

I haven't posted about the tunes I have been listening to recently... so I thought I'd post a wee something each day... from today through to Friday... on what I've been digging...

First up is Delphic with their album "Acolyte" ... whose electro/rock vibe is something I find really uplifting and euphoric... in a New Order kind of way.

Spotify link :: Delphic - "Acolyte"

I love Bebel Gilberto and any new release from her is welcomed by me... albeit... none have ever topped her classic Tanto Tempo. Her new album... All In One contains some very beautifully crafted and classy bossa nova that is wonderfully chilled and atmospheric. She's on form!

I regret not getting into Johnny Cash sooner... and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him through Rick Rubin's American series. American VI - Ain't No Grave is his second posthumous record and is simply wonderful... building upon the previous albums and yet sounding fresh.

Spotify link :: Johnny Cash - "Ain't No Grave"

I am a big fan of post and progressive rock music... and Tortoise are a fine example of such a sound... along with dubby vibes and cinematic soundscapes. Their latest album... "Beacons of Ancestorship"... is truly awesome... with some amazing synthy sounds and a pinch of punk rock bass guitar thrown in for good measure. A pretty intense trip.

Lastly... for today... we have something more experimental in the shape of Dirty Projectors whose harmonies and guitars on "Bitte Orca" make for compelling listening.

Spotify link :: Dirty Projectors - "Bitte Orca"

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