Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Tunes :: Thursday

230310_ mdr-cd280 headphones

Need more tunes? Here you go...

Yeasayer are very trendy right now... and quite rightly so with their particular brand of experimental psychpop. On their latest album... Odd Blood... they great wonderfully catchy pop with real sonic depth. Impressive.

Spotify link :: Yeasayer - "Odd Blood"

I'm a big fan of Hot Chip and their soulful electropop sound. Fabulously now but with a real analogue vibe... their latest album... One Life Stand... is an extension of their previous albums and sound. Well worth checking out.

Spotify link :: Hot Chip - "One Life Stand"

Autechre have an idiosyncratic and deliciously dark electronic sound... that I find inspiring and dementing in equal measure, depending on my mood. Theirs is a sound that can feed the head with polyrhythms and provide distraction from the regular and homogenous... albeit with Oversteps being more ambient than their previous work.

The Magnetic Fields are an indie band with their fingers in a number of sonic "pies". "Realism" is beautifully crafted folky pop... pure and simple... and is well worth checking out.

Spotify link :: The Magnetic Fields - "Realism"

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