Saturday, August 28, 2010

An impromptu wander to the Lighthouse in Glasgow

270810_ in the Lighthouse #3

Yesterday I went out for an impromptu wander with two of my photogeek colleagues... a third, Marc de Ridder, joined us later on... to the Lighthouse in Glasgow's city centre. Its a fab building in and of itself but it also has a permanent Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibit and an awesome view of the city centre skyline.

We went to see the view (even I made it up the stairs even though my fear of heights sought to stop me) and enjoyed the building too.

I have posted some photos here but include some of my faves for your perusal.

Photography is an awesome passtime... made better by being surrounded by wonderful sights to take in... and shared by folks like my photogeek colleagues and you. I love nothing more than to share my photos with you... and I hope you enjoy them.


270810_ The Lighthouse

270810_ Glasgow skyline #1

270810_ Glasgow skyline #3

270810_ in the Lighthouse #2

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