Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Information Overload

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My name is Thomas and I am a share-aholic. I share too much information online and I can contribute to overload.

Using my iPad has only exacerbated this situation. Its how I consume content... and the tools I use to consume content make it too easy to share that content with others. I guess I am full of myself to think that what I think... what I like... what I consider valuable content... actually matters.

I lost a friend on Facebook today because of this. His words were...
"...pls don't be offended but I have unfriended you. I still really want to be your friend tho! Is (sic) just that you post alot of stuff and i need to clear my stream out a little bit..."
I respect him/her for letting me know... rather than slinking off without a word. I see his/her comments as an opportunity to address the situation... to take time to look at the situation objectively and make any corrections that I deem appropriate. I have removed some linkages and hopefully cut down on the content posted on my Facebook stream. Whether or not I actually have addressed his/her concern is irrelevant... he/she is gone and the damage is done.

I don't think we've ever had access to so much content... I certainly haven't... and its become what I do. Its my golf. I read blogs and websites. I consume content.

Thing is... I love to share what I read... its never been easier to do so... and there are those who see me adding to their overload.  They don't see the content in and of itself... they just see a blur. For that, I'm sorry.

However... it would appear, there are those dear friends who actually care what I read and enjoy the inspiration that comes from what I have posted. Their kind words really bucked me up this morning... and for that I am extremely grateful.

I think, at the end of the day, it should be about choice. Feeding everything into Facebook doesn't give people choice... even though the "hide" facility does work and removes the need to unfriend... it still isn't the best nor most convenient way to channel all this "stuff".

This is where www.headphonaught.com comes into its own... based on flavors.me, it provides a hub-like space where all the content I share is held.

If you don't think I'm full of myself... and are actually interested in what I share then please... bookmark the site and get your fix there. You may get overloaded... but then that's your choice.

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