Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My dad's Lumix DMC-ZX3

My dad's Lumix DMC-ZX3

I'm not a big fan of digital "point and shoot" cameras. I guess when you've been working with digital SLRs and unique 35mm cameras as I have you get used to viewfinders. That said... their portability and small form factor is a major plus.

My dad recently bought a Lumix DMC-ZX3 and has given me a wee loan of it... in essence, to get to grips with it and then teach him how to get the most out of it.

I had a wee play with it tonight... and below are some pics that I've taken and then tweaked in Lightroom.

Whilst it doesn't have the manual control or RAW format that I would want... it certainly is a nice wee camera... and one I will enjoy getting to know in the days ahead.


110810_ Dayna

110810_ iPhone 4 abstracted

110810_ Pippin #2

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Ian McKenzie said...

I just picked up a Lumix DMC-LX3. That's the Panasonic/Leica love child. ;-D

My SLR ground to a halt last Sunday and it's going to be four to six weeks before it's repaired -if it can be repaired.

The LX3 is fully manually as well as auto, it shoots RAW and the Leica F2.0 lens is reputed to be very good. I'm off to music and gospel arts camp on Friday, so I'll have opportunity to put it through it's paces.


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