Monday, April 04, 2011

Some photos from Whitelee Windfarm

140211_ Whitelee Windfarm #14

A while back... Olly, Dayna, Miriam, Pippin and myself took a wee donder around the Whitelee Windfarm, near Eaglesham. I took some photos with my dad's Canon EOS 350d and never processed them (I prefer SD cards to CF... my MBP has a direct SD cardreader).

Apparently it is Europe's largest Windfarm... and it is, well, truly awesome... in the true sense of awe inspiring. The turbines are so large... you just feel small... and with the dark and ominous sky, it was wonderful.

I've posted the set [here] and hope you like them.


140211_ Whitelee Windfarm #4

140211_ Whitelee Windfarm #13

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