Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Some pics of birds from my dining room window

010411_ feeding on a rainy day

As mentioned yesterday... I only got round to uploading the pics from my Dad's Canon EOS 350D recently... and apart from the photos from the Whitelee Windfarm, there were a number of photos of birds in our back garden.

Olly has done an awesome job of making the back garden an inviting place for humans and for wildlife, especially birds. We love nothing more than watching the sheer variety of birds that we get (albeit not as varied as in Marc de Ridder's garden).

I have taken to having the tripod set up in the dining room... and a 300mm lens left in there too... to facilitate shots like the ones on here.

I could really get into wildlife photography... albeit that's a very costly area of photography with the emphasis placed on big zooms and macro lens.

I many ways I am pleased with what I have achieved with what I have.



260311_ Blue Tit #1

260311_ Blue Tit #2

270311_ Home sweet home #2

290311_ Looking on #2

290311_ Dark against the background #1

250311_ Sparrowhawk #6

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Angus Mathie said...

I really like these photographs, especially the ones of the Great Tit and the Sparrowhawk. The Tit family are all beautiful little birds and it is a great pity that they form a major part of this raptor's prey.


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