Saturday, April 07, 2012

Loving... the ASIP app for the iPhone

I am a big fan of the music blog a strangely isolated place and am a particular fan of their podcasts. I listen to them on the Downcast app... but was intrigued when they recently launched their own iPhone app... for free.

Basically it is a dedicated entry point to access their content... predominately their mixes and their posts.

Clicking on the "mixes" option brings up a list of their "Isolated Mixes". This is not all the mixes they release and, as a result, this app will not replace Downcast... I really like their other mixes and hope they'll be included in the future.

You can favourite a mix and even download it directly to your iPhone for offline listening. I like that.

Clicking on "RSS" option brings up a list of their recent posts... selecting the summary brings up the full article which is nicely executed.

All in... this app is fab... especially since it's free. I hope they add the rest of their mixes to the feed but otherwise I love it. It has a nice space on my iPhone.

For more details... check this post on their blog.


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