Monday, February 04, 2013

Loving... "Whispers Fall" by Cousin Silas on the Free Floating netlabel

One of my favourite artists has released a heartbreakingly gorgeous series of ambient electronic soundscapes over on one of my favourite netlabels...

Cousin Silas recently released "Whispers Fall" over on Free Floating and I was able to resist temptation ... waiting until it was released to pick up a copy and, in essence, fall in love with the music presented.

I have a deep love for Free Floating and believe Silas has done Brad proud with this release. It is exquisite. The five tracks say so much in their combined 80 minutes. Trust me, this is one powerful release. One that I cannot recommend enough and will be featuring heavily in the next circumambient podcast.

Have a wee listen below and download the album for free:

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