Saturday, February 23, 2013

Two more reviews over on This Is Not A Scene

"How do you define great? This is a question that has been circulating around and around in my head like an airplane waiting to land. 
For me, great has longevity … it is something that lasts the test of time. 
It is also something that you can and do come back to … again and again. 
For me, Gorecki‘s Third Symphony is a great piece of music. It has served me well over the years I have owned it. I keep coming back to it. It has become my friend. 
These are the exact same feelings I have for “Small Years” by Ana Never – this is a great piece of music … something I have returned to again and again over the week or so that I have had it to consume..."

"Instrumental rock genres like Post-Rock and Math Rock are very special to me because they cross so many boundaries and hold something I really treasure – variety. The ebb and flow … the light and dark … the soft and hard … the quiet and loud … the slow and the fast … all play their part in keeping my fickle mind in check and my hands away from my iPod. 
One band in particular gets this variety like no other and that is Arms of Tripoli – a Post / Math / Instrumental rock outfit from Los Angeles that consists of members from various LA based bands, including Signal Hill, The Lights From Here, The Half Mantis Group, and Naked in the Dark. Their EP, “all the fallen embers” is something very special indeed.../" 

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