Monday, February 04, 2013

Three more additions to weareallghosts

First up we have the first episode in the 'dronescape' series ... a series of longform drones that clock in around the 60 minute mark. This is Cousin Silas' first real attempt at a drone and I think it is something special indeed. He was impressed too ... and has agreed to release 12 over the space on 2013.


We then have the first of two releases by Jack Hertz ... 'Gilded Skies (waag_rel014a)' features 8 tracks of wondrously delightful ambient electronic goodness ... whereas 'Gilded Sky (waag_rel014b)' features a single longform track that follows the theme set by waag_rel014a very nicely indeed. Both are truly exemplary of ambient music.


Enjoy. Tx

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