Monday, September 23, 2013

Loving ... "Light & Gravity" by Sima Kim & Saito Koji

"Light & Gravity" by Sima Kim & Saito Koji

... is a delight piece of music. It is a longform ambient drone that ebbs & flows with the most delightful of languid lilts. It is one of those pieces that not only drifts along but encourages drifting in the listener - the lilting, repetitive nature of the piece is mildly hypnotic & rather compelling - it provides some mental respite by gently imposing a different rhythm on the listener ... a slow, steady to & fro that I, for one, found really relaxing whilst commuting to both Glasgow and Leeds recently.

I would highly recommend this piece & feel it really demonstrates the quality of product coming from Gavin Catling's "Twice Removed Records" micro-label ... which one of my fave labels at the moment (in fact, it has been for some time).



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