Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shigeto's Studio Session

Studio Session: Shigeto from NPR Intern Edition on Vimeo.

I recently reviewed Shigeto's "No Better Time Than Now" over on Echoes And Dust ...
"This is my kind of future jazz. A heady blend of beats and keys. A particularly special blend that I, for one, cannot get my fill of. Shigeto’s unique approach to his music - polyrhythmic percussion underpinned by the sweetest of electric piano or bass sounds - simply melts my heart and leaves me wanting more."
... and wanted to share this video that I spotted on Vimeo ... it features Zachary Saginaw aka Shigeto in his studio.

I found it fascinating ... and would heartily recommend you take 4mins out to watch it.

I'd also recommend his album!


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