Saturday, October 05, 2013

Loving ... La casa Sulla Luna by Bruno Bavota

I'll be honest, I always get a wee bit nervous when I receive an email from a PR person asking me to review some music ... I'm not sure why and, in the case of, "La casa Sulla Luna" by Bruno Bavota my anxiety was completely unjustified. This is due to "La casa Sulla Luna" being an utter delight.

Bruno Bavota is a talented pianist who creates utterly delightful piano-orientated compositions.
These compositions are split in two: solo piano or piano with strings ... both styles really, really work for me ... this is melodic neo-classicism at its very best.

I can't really downplay this album ... I have been captivated with it from the first few bars & have had it on my iPhone & stereo regularly since I received it from the anxiety-inducing PR person.

The opening track - "Amour" - is an upbeat, vivacious & wonderfully melodic solo piano piece that really captures the spring in the step of someone in love. It really sets the scene for the remainder of the album.

The next track - "L’uomo che rubï la Luna" - is a delightful midtempo solo piece. Similar vivacious with an elegance that demonstrates  Bavota’s touch.

Following on we have the delightful piano and strings (cello & violin) of "Il ditto si muove sul vetro app". This track is a great example of melodic neoclassicism ... a warm & engaging piece that gives me a thrill every time I hear it.

The fourth track - "C’ä un cinema laggió" - starts of as another delightful solo piano piece ... a piece with a rather pronounced cinematic quality. It feels like it belongs on the soundtrack one of the late Nora Ephron’s romantic classics. It then changes near the end with the introduction of the cello ... where the piano becomes the accompaniment for some seriously heartfelt strings.

"Seguimi, amore" brings more solo piano to the listener's ear ... it is a piece that grows in stature and intensity over its 3 minute life ... again demonstrating Bavota's deftness of touch.

"Buongiorno, buonanotte" is a gentler piece, a piece that highlights the power of melody ... with cello includes to underpin this melody.

The seventh track - "Cielo blu notte" - is a more melancholic piece with the piano & a deep, growling cello working together to express Bavota's mood.

"Il sole di Domenica" is a wonderfully piece that starts of gentle then grows in tempo. It is something beautiful indeed ... reminiscent of the great pianists of old.

The penultimate track - "Arrivederci signora Luna" - is sheer class ... a gracious melody that is so appropriate for Signora Luna. It has a lullaby  quality that is heartbreakingly gorgeous.

The last track - "Ghost Track" - was recorded live & has the atmosphere of Bavota's creative space. It demonstrates all that's great about the piano-playing on the release - powerful yet graceful, full-on yet reserved, warm & melodic, accessible & captivating, truly enthralling! It is a fitting end to a very special release.

I would highly recommend "La casa Sulla Luna" by Bruno Bavota. It is my kind of lovely ... and if you like piano and strings, it may be yours too!


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