Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Recent releases on weareallghosts

"Mighty Skies (waag_sng004)" by Fragile Faith is a wee free download of late 80's indie guitar / synth pop ... given to me to release from an ex-colleague.


Our FIFTIETH RELEASE is the second compilation of collaborations from Cousin Silas and his chums ... truly exceptional.


We then have two truly brilliant longform ambient dronescapes from Cousin Silas:

Described by Brian Bourassa as ...
"A very mellow calming drone with not so frequent melodic accompaniments. More simplistic than recent dronscapes, yet not any less effective."


Described by Brian Bourassa as ...
"Seems to me that after countless listening sessions of twelve releases of these dronscapes I should be made an honorary second "cousin" of Cousin Silas! But, then again that would make for a very large family!

Yet another compelling dronescape by the master himself.
Cousin Silas = Dronescape, Dronescape = Cousin Silas!"



- Tx

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