Saturday, October 19, 2013

Record Bags: Original Peter's Utrecht DJ bag + three others

I subscribe to the newsletter from Jonny Trunk's Trunk Records ... and on Friday past the newsletter contained a link to a new endeavour from Trunk's ... Original Peter.

Obsessed by the need for the perfect DJ bag ... Trunk and Ed Griffiths (the man who started decided to create one themselves.

They have three bags on offer ... one for 7" singles and two for 12" albums. The one I'm most interested in is the Utrecht - the larger of the 12" bags.

According to the bag's blurb ...
"...Named after the World’s Largest Record Fair, this bag has a gusseted design that allows it to take at least 40 LPs, maybe more if you like them tightly packed, or 50-odd disco twelves. The dimensions of the bag do not give you an accurate impression of just what this bag is capable of carrying; when not full of LPs it makes a superb and sizeable day to day bag, easily capable of dealing with a combination of LPs, bike lock, gym kit and more. One of our customers has told us this is the first bag he’s found that is great for LPs but is also big enough to carry his 17" Mac Book Pro with ease."

I has the following dimensions ... 15 in (38cm) x 16 in (41cm) x 2 1/2 in (6cm) ... and is deliberately bigger than a 12" record to keep it pristine.

I also love the leather strap at the bottom of the bag which is there to protect the spines of the records. That's a nice detail!

I really, really like this bag ... but ... and there is ALWAYS a 'but' ... its £225. If you have that kind of money then I doubt you'll find anything better ... and it is made in Britain, which is always a plus.


When sniffing around the Original Peter site ... I found a link to Brady Bags, the company Trunk & Griffiths used to create their bags.

I had a look at what they have on offer ... and they have plenty on offer for people of discernment. Their Denmore bag ... a "messenger style" shoulder bag ... is made from a triple-layered waterproof canvas with a bridle-leather trim and brass fittings.

The Denmore's dimensions ... 16ins x 15ins x 3ins ... work for records with a depth 0.5" deeper than the Utrecht.

It comes in at £140 and has an interesting outer pocket for all those small bits and pieces.

Whilst ferreting around ... I also came across their 'Carryall' tote ... which has dimensions that are near-perfect for record hunting (14ins x 14ins x 6 ins) ... taking more records than the Utrecht.

I really like this bag but it lacks a couple of features that may be, for some, a showstopper - it lacks the flap to protect the contents and a shoulder strap.

However, at £105 ... it is a more affordable choice.


Last up ... we have the larger version of the bag I currently use ... the large Manhattan Portage DJ bag.

Made of 1000D Cordura, sized at 15" x 13" x 6" or 19 litres of space, and costing £59 ... this is another credible choice for a record hunter.

I have the medium version of this bag ... picked it up in Inverness in 2006 and have never bettered it.


So that's me ... what do you use when you go record hunting?


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