Saturday, November 23, 2013

Four albums from Bandcamp that I've paid for ...

What a strange title for a blogpost, huh? But then I am in a very privileged position where folks send me their music to consider ... I am very grateful to the folks who do & must give a shout-out to Gavin Catling, in particular, over at Twice Removed Records for his generosity.

Things is, however ... the music I am given to listen to may not be the music I'd buy. I only have finite resources so when it comes to laying down the dough, I have to be careful.

The following albums are ones I've happily purchased & not been disappointed with:

"Atlantic" by Echelon Effect

"Atlantic" is Echelon Effect's strongest work to date, with a depth I haven't heard on similar post-rock albums. The layers of sound presented are a joy to consume, as the instrumentation uses to create these layers: guitars, drums, samples, keys, glockenspiel, manipulated sounds ... all come together nicely to create an album of rare magnificence ... one I would highly recommend.


"Transit" by Orbit Over Luna

"Transit" is Orbit Over Luna’s first full album and is welcomed extension of his canon after a series of utter delightful EPs. It is an album that can be summed up in one word: splendid. The care, attention, & craft that's gone into creating this album is remarkable (I should know, I've see the photoshop file for the album cover) and sonically, in particular, it is a joy to consume. Orbit Over Luna sits at the more ambient end of post-rock, creating soundscapes with guitar & effects that would make you weep. This is a splendid album that makes me smile every time it is on.


"ETT" by Rowboat

"ETT" by Rowboat is a wonderful album, one that takes "Takk..." by Sigur Ros as an inspiration. It is a marvellous collection of post-rock soundscapes that warm the heart & heal the soul with a combination of ingenuity & familiarity. The similarity with Takk-era Sigur Ros should not be dismissed but, instead, it should be celebrated ... with the music presented taking that theme and fully exploring it, to my utter delight. I would highly recommend "ETT" to anyone with a passing fancy for post-rock.


"Those who remain" by Stray Theories

Stray Theories' music is a particular pleasure for me. His particular blend of electronic is ambient without being obtuse ... a piano-orientated sound that highlights a fondness for the neo-classical. Here too we can see the care that has gone into the crafting of the album, a care that I deeply appreciate. It is a fine and fitting follow up to "Even Though We Sleep" and sits as one of my 'go to' albums for when I want to chill out. Highly recommended.


Please do all you can to support independent music.


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