Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two more Record Bags of note ...

I'm like Bono when it comes to the perfect Record Bag ... I still haven't found what I am looking for.

However, the following bags come very close.

First up, we have the Cosmo Baker North to South Messenger Bag from Tucker & Bloom.

According to their blurb ...
The Cosmo Baker North to South is the real DJ's DJ bag. Designed with help from jet set DJ Cosmo Baker, this Messenger bag has room for records, a laptop, headphones, a serato box, needle case, and pretty much whatever else you need to haul! Comes ready to fill and complete with our lifetime warranty.
It is 13” Long x 13 ” High x 6.75" Deep and is made of 1680 denier black ballistic nylon with polished aluminium front side release buckles and leather trim.

At $199 + shipping its not cheap but you are certainly getting a big bang for your buck ... but then you do get to support Cosmo Baker in what he does...



The other bag is this collaboration between Dusty Groove & Vaya Bags ... a hybrid Record x Messenger bag:
A totally cool, totally amazing record bag – designed by Dusty Groove with a special eye towards bike-riding record diggers! We buy a lot of records here at Dusty Groove – and we also bike around Chicago a heck of a lot – but we've never found a shoulder bag that's right for records and biking together – until now! With help from the folks at Vaya Bags, we've designed this extra-deep record bag that should hold 40 to 50 LPs snugly in a waterproof bag – with an extra pouch for 7" singles – and even an inner pouch for other goodies too. The bag itself is super-strong – great stitching and very durable – and it's made from recycled bicycle tires, canvas sails, and other reclaimed materials – so you can feel extra-good about using it – and it's got all these other great features too. One of the coolest is the special Vaya adjustable shoulder strap – which is easy to slide up and down while you're wearing it – and a chest-cinching clip, so the bag rides tight. Plus, there's a big reflective strip on the back – for biking at night – and a large flap over the top with lots of velcro to hold it shut. All that, and it's even got the Dusty Groove logo – nice and big! And yes, it's a bit pricey – but this is the kind of bag that will last for years – and works well even if you're not a biker, too.

Coming in at $129.99 + shipping ... it too isn't cheap but you do get something very special and you are helping to support a fab record store in the process.



I'm still looking. What do you use to carry your records? Leave a comment and I'll check it out.


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