Monday, April 07, 2014

40 Days of Enough ... Day 29 - "Abraxas" by Santana

I love progressive music. I use this term because I believe it encompasses more than just 'prog rock'. Progressive music includes the Kraut Rock, Berlin-school Electronic music, and even Tropicália as well as the psychedelic soulful sounds of Santana's "Abraxas".

"Abraxas" is air-guitar heaven. It mixes Latin rhythms with bluesy, soulful guitar to makes something so very special. I have had this album on CD for nearly 20 years ... it was a gift from a friend who is no longer in my life ... but only recently picked it up on vinyl.

It was on my list of most wanted albums. I never thought I'd find it when I went hunting in Edinburgh with my friend Robert ... but I was delighted when I found it for £5 in 'Unknown Pleasures' on the Royal Mile.


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