Thursday, July 10, 2014

Loving ... ’Building Nothing, Laying Bricks’ by Evolv

’Building Nothing, Laying Bricks’ by Evolv has been a very pleasurable audio companion of late and for fans of innovative music, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

It transcends genres, shifting as it does between ambient and post-rock with ease. It also features a rapper laying down some spoken word over a delightful post-rock soundscape which must be a first, at least a first for me.

There is something wonderfully languid about this album ... it doesn't challenge but instead soothes the weary listener. The sampled references to ’love’ in the opening track - "ishfious" - really  do set the album off on the right track.

The album really flows and packs a considerable amount into its 10 tracks over 34 minutes. It also has a decided euphoric edge with the fifth track - "colours" - really standing out as a real builder.

All in, I thoroughly enjoyed this album ... even, you'll be surprised to hear, the track with rapper Ackurate’s spoken word expression - "indistinct memories".

I would highly recommend it and would point to the closing track - "oscillate" - with it's delightful field recordings juxtaposed with a quirky sample of a theologian waxing lyrical about evil in the good ol’ US of A. Trust me, it's a great track.

Have a wee listen below and, if you can, support Evolv by buying the album.


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