Friday, August 01, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

I can't express how excited I am to see Guardians of the Galaxy ... I've been a huge fan of the Marvel films and this film, from what I can tell, takes this series ... turns it up to 11.

I hope to catch it with Olly this weekend ... I'll let you know what I think.





After seeing it in the Vue in Hamilton on Saturday, I have to say Guardians of the Galaxy lived up to my rather high expectations. I enjoyed the ride & loved everything about it ... from the characters to the locations ... from the spaceships to the storyline ... even Karen Gillan's character surprised me. In fact, I really cared for all the characters & loved seeing the 'Guardians' develop into a team. I particularly loved Rocket ... the racoon.

One thing, however, puzzles me. It is a funny film ... in that is as much a comedy as it is a sci-fi / superhero flick ... there are some wonderfully comedic moments ... so many it passed Kermode's six laugh test. So my question is this ... how are they going to bring it together with the not-so-funny Avengers?

All in ... I loved it and intend on seeing it again with Dayna & Miriam next week.


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