Friday, May 29, 2015

054/100 - "Puesta Del Sol" by Good Weather for an Airstrike & Oathless, remixed by Inachus

Remixes are always a daunting prospect: I worry that the remix doesn't do the original justice.

Remixing the Good Weather for an Airstrike & Oathless collaboration "Sol" had the potential to go wrong. I mean, how could it be bettered? And yet Inachus has done a sterling job creating something new, fresh and vibrant; something different yet on a par.

Inachus has added percussion and emphasised existing sampled film dialogue to deliciously up the ante on these already expressive ambient tracks. They retain the feel of the original but Inachus takes the tracks in a whole new and very delightful direction.

Why only 100 words?

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