Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Claire

Claire :: birthday girl

Olly and I were out in Keavil House, near Dunfermline; on Wednesday evening to celebrate Claire's 18th birthday. Claire (above) is the daughter of our good friends Yvonne & David aka "D" (below).

D & Yvonne

It was great to hang out with some fab people and enjoy a night together (my folks had the we'ans - THANKS!!!) We got there early and had some lovely chicken soup in the lounge area.

Emma, the 'phonaught & Ally

It was good to catch up with Ally (pictured) and to meet his girlfriend, Steph. It was also good to see Emma (pictured) and her brother Cammie.

Olly, Uncle Benny & Yvonne

It was great to see some of Y&D's wider family... Always good to blether with Uncle Benny (above) who was looking sharp in his kilt!

Chelsea Dagger

There were a ton of Claire's school friends there... wearing the latest styles and dancing to the latest tunes. I have to say it was sweet to see the room explode to Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis.

The highlight though, for me, was hanging with Bobby & Colin from Airdrie. Its fab to be in their presence... they are so switched on and committed to their Lord and their corps. Its inspirational.

Great night... with great company... especially my wife who was looking good!

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