Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mo' Tag

My fav Texan... JD tagged me with a pop quiz he had on MySpace.

How old are you?

32 and 11 months

What did you do last night?

Watched the Big Brother eviction with Olly. Eat loads of cheese and had a bizarre dream about Halley Berry that I don't remember other than I woke up and said her name... to Olly (oooops!!!)

What did you do today?

Traveled home to the 'Well from Fort William. Stopped off at Oban and found a lovely teaset in a charity shop.

Current clothing?

DC "Uno" shoes / baggy jeans from ASDA / Can't Skate Tee / Calvins

Current mood?


Do you miss anyone?

I always miss my Uncle Robert... and the Soos who is no longer a friend.

Last book you read?

Sad to say... Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Do you love with all you have?

I hope so

Is anything making you mad?

Yeah... there is some stupid dance TV show on at the mo'

Do you have pets?

Yes... Pippin the Cairn Terrier / George the Hamster / 3 budgies - Gandalf, Itchy & Sherbert / Heidi & Woody the Gerbils

Last person of the opposite sex you hugged?

My sister - Janey

Last person of the same sex you hugged?

My bro - Roscoe

What was the last thing you bought?

A cool tea-set from a charity shop

Something you need to do?

finish what I'm doing and go get food

Next place you will go?

Back to Venice, Italy; or NYC

Last person you kissed?


Next road trip you will take?

Up to Dunblane... for Camp

Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?

I have a wife

When was the last time you danced?

I danced a cheeky wee Gay Gordons with Olly at Claire's birthday the other week

Have you ever been pulled over? By the cops?


Is there anything you want to do?

Make ((deep)) happen... and my wee web2.0 thing

Is there anything you are looking forward to?

Seeing the new Harry Potter film tomorrow

What time do you usually go to bed?

Usually between 2300 and 0200hrs

What time do you wake up?

0700 on weekdays and whenever the we'ans bounce on the bed at the weekend

Do you love anyone?

I love everyone... but am especially fond of my life and we'ans

Who was the last person to say hi to you?


Do you want kids?

Too late... glad I have them

How many do you want?

2... or as many as Olly wants

Boys names?

I have 2 girls... but if we had had a boy... he'd be called Liam

Girls names?

Dayna & Miriam

What was the last thing you ate?

Fajitas... thanks Roscoe

Do you diet?

No... should

Can you tumble?

Only out of bed

What is in your room?

Some sweet stuff... Olly is a fab interior designer

How big is your closet?

Big enough for my 40+ pairs of sneakers

Do you share a room?

Yes... with Olly and Pippin

What is your favorite color?

Green and orange... oh and colour is spelled with a "U"

Do you have a big family?

Not as big as Olly

When was the last time you showered?

This morning

Who did you last call?


What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Reminiscing about our holiday

What was the last weird conversation you had?


Do you own a laptop?

Yes... G4 iBook

Does anything hurt?


Could you see yourself marrying a doctor?

Not unless Olly decides to become one

Do you eat candy?

darn tootin'

Have you ever been kicked out of a bar?

Not for a long time

Do you like someone?


Is tom on your top 8?


Why is your top person your top 1?


I tag LL, Chris, Al, Johnny and my life
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