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Various bits and pieces from the 'tinterweb

Photo from psfk

Tonnes of stuff on the ol' iPhone circulating the 'tinterweb. I am particularly inspired by the story of David Clayman - he waited in line with the intention to...
use the experience as a way to support the nonprofit Taproot Foundation, which provides professional marketing and design services to nonprofits.
Basically, he raised the profile of the Foundation and will auction the iPhone off too.

I was also inspiried by Johnny Vulkan (pictured above with Spike Lee)...
Johnny Vulkan, who works in product development for the new-media advertising agency Anomaly, was walking through Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood when he noticed iPhone advertisements outside the Apple store on Prince Street. "I thought, 'I wonder when the first crazy person is going to come out and line up?'" Vulkan said in an interview on Thursday morning. But like Clayman, Vulkan wondered how he could turn the media hype into a way to do some social good.

Anomaly, after all, handles the advertising for the AIDS charity Keep a Child Alive. Within a day, Vulkan decided that Keep a Child Alive volunteers would stake out the first position in the SoHo Apple Store's iPhone line, wait while wearing T-shirts from the organization, and "get our media moment and use it for a good cause," he said.
Absolute genius. I love the creativity of people who use this crazy mixed up world and our mad priorities to shed some light on the world outside our view... and maybe makes some money for charity too.

Beats breaking it... which I think is nonsense. Who cares what it looks like inside?

Read more: psfk + + lvhrd

Oh and I thought TSK's comments on the ol' iPhone to be on point too.
If i want iTunes then i will buy an iPod. If i want a notebook i will write on paper with pen - which i still prefer. Yes it looks cool. Damn cool. But I just cant justify buying it or the service.
Sound advice... and anyway, true Mac fans wait until the second release of any product. That's when Apple get it right!

Speaking of TSK... I thought his post on Charity Shop Alt. Worship was funny and really inspiring. Olly and I are big charityshoppers... and our corps in Bellshill, Scotland; are opening our own Charity Shop in conjunction with the SA's Trading Company. We hope to use the space for more than selling stuff... Major 'Eck has already agreed to us hosting alpha / alife... with the possibility of exploring other ideas... such as S*N*A*C.
But it got me thinking what i would do if i hosted an emerging church alt. worship event at a thrift shop. It could be a blast! I would totally use FOUND OBJECTS from the store itself. Teaching would be from the Bibles already on the shelf and any illustrations would be taken from books on the shelf. Costuming would be encouraged and perhaps an award (voucher) given to those with the thriftiest and yet funkiest outfit. Drinks would be poured out of found jars and jugs into found cups and mugs from the shelves. Children might want to play some found games. Everything is found in the shop. Nothing is imported in. An offering could be taken {in an old hat, of course) for Salvation Army and a blog post with all the details of the service uploaded to a blog so that others might catch the vision to start one up in their local Salvation Army charity store. Maybe its a really lame idea. But it might be trying.
Maybe we'll try this sometime... Love the ideas here. Cool.

Lastly... thanks for the heads up from Jonny Baker for the Mount Project from Electric Angel - in the spirit of all the Helvetica tributes going to mark the 50th anniversary of the font - they have created a series of 6 pdf posters with verses from Matthew. Absolute genius. I'm going to download them for the reclaimed space we intend to use for prayer in the Corps.

Its great to see people using their creativity for good. Fab!

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Chris H said...

I was chatting with Heather Robertson (David's wife) about the charity shop worship thing this weekend - it sounds great, and it grew kind of organically too; the manager just decided that it would be a good thing to try and it's working! :)


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