Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This is Glasgow... We'll just set about you!

Glasgow was attacked by Terrorists on Saturday. I haven't covered this because I don't want to give Terrorists a voice. We're freaked but we get on with it.

However, we are Scottish and always try to turn adversity into laughter. Here are two genuine quotes from the eye-witness and now local hero John Smeaton - the chap who wrestled one of the Terrorists to the ground.

#1 National ITV news :: The interviewer asked "What message do you have for the bombers" - he replied "This is Glasgow we'll just set about you"

#2 CNN :: The interviewer asked how he restrained the guy and he said "me and other folk were just tryin to get the boot in and some other guy banjoed him"

Glasgow... Scotland with style!!! and I love it. Thanks John!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the comments on BBC News 24!

Johnny said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ! :-))))))))))))))))))

...I know Rob Bell advocates a Third Way, but this was priceless!

Anonymous said...

Parliamoglasgow no less.. www.johnsmeaton.co.uk


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