Tuesday, January 26, 2010

260110_ The M8 Westbound at Coatbridge (026/365)

Tonight... whilst the we'ans were at their Band practice... I nipped over to the M8 junction at Coatbridge (near MacKinnon Mills) and took this pic. It was bizarre to park my car and take the walk to the bridge. I was alone with all the traffic passing beside me and below me. I was nervous and, to be honest, excited at the prospect of bagging a photo.

I am really pleased with how this pic has turned out... after a wee tidy up in Lightroom. Its nice to see the balance of red and white lights... and the starred lights (albeit they weren't deliberate).




BF said...

just need some blue lights in amongst the red and white ones Thomas and it;s an award winning photograph. I love pics like this one with the speed lights at night swishing by.

I almost thought you were trying not to tell us that you went to MacKinnon Mills for a nosey around the 'fleeces'. Ha!


Gurdonark said...

that's a great photo. flow, ebb, flow, ebb, flow, all illumined.


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