Friday, January 08, 2010

Rob's Five

Yesterday... or was it today... I asked my dear friend Rob Griggs-Taylor to pick five of my photos that moved him in some way or other... and describe why they jumped out at him. This is his response:

070110_ Into the sun #3

(1) This is gorgeous - I love big contrast between light and darkness, and this has the added feeling of an American city although I suspect it's Glasgow.

040110_ Strathclyde Park in the snow_ 042

(2) I'm a sucker for strong geometric patterns and this shot has stayed with me since I first saw it. I actually searched it out in your photostream! I also like the contrast between the dark water and the white snow - funny that they're both essentially made from the same elements.

Lanark Loch #2

(3) The light on the left and the lens flare suggest that it's been a beautiful day, but the stillness of the water speaks to solitude. Very restful - I'd have this on a prominent wall in my house.


(4) If there's a photo in all of your collection that says "I am Headphonaught", this is it! Starbucks, a computer and desk, I'd be surprised if Twitter wasn't on the monitor. The setup is fab - the light on the cup and the shadow forms are great. Love it!

Sunset over Anstruther

(5) Oh come on - look at the sky! Awesome colours, totally gorgeous. I can just sit and stare at this.

I know this may seem like a vain post... but its awesome to get such warm feedback. It is reassuring to know that my photos can have an impact... and useful to understand the themes that are worth exploring such as symmetry & the use of light.

Thanks Rob... you've given me a welcome boost of encouragement... and given me food for thought.

My thanks too to everyone... you know who you are... who encourage me with a comment or a "favourite"... I notice when you take time to acknowledge what I've done... and I am grateful. So much so... I am making a conscious effort to respond... and to comment more myself. Do unto others afterall.

If anyone else would like to comment in this manner... or, likewise, if you'd like for me to comment on your photos... please let me know.



Angus Mathie said...

Rob's comments are right, Thomas.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks again, Dad!


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