Friday, January 01, 2010

The end of one Project365 & the start of another...

Project365 :: 330 - 365

This is the final mosaic from my first "Project365"... it covers 330 to 365 (see below). I can't say the experience has been hard... I've become rather trigger happy of late... spurred on by my joint obsessions with photography and my iPhones.

What I can say... is that the experience has made me more disciplined... to see with a photographer's eyes - to see beauty in the mundane etc - and to take the opportunities presented to me.

I have enjoyed the experience so much that I intend to carry on... with a Project365 for 2010.

My thanks to everyone who has appeared in my pics... and everyone who has viewed them. I hope you will see an improvement in their quality.


311209_ Hogmanay_ Olly #3 (365/365)

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