Monday, January 11, 2010

The artwork for the latest Cousin Silas release...

I mentioned on Saturday about the album cover I was asked to collaborate on. Well... above is the final draft of the insert for the snow imposed silence.

It is based on this picture...

281209_ Minolta P's_ 010

...which is one of my faves from the Minolta I was given last year. It was Cousin Silas' idea to put it on its side and, by doing so, abstract it. I really like how it works.

This is the back... which is based on this picture from 2005:

Demolishing Motherwell Bridge 2

It was taken with my then cameraphone... the Sony Ericsson K750.

I am really pleased with the *hopefully* end result... and look forward to letting you all know when the snow imposed silence will be released.

Thanks to everyone who supported me on this.



Jonathan Blundell said...

Looks great fine squire!

Keep it up!

Johnny said...

Fabulous work, Thomas!


Lurch Kimded said...

That is some fantastic work there my friend

Anonymous said...

Congrats! It's looking really good!

Stewart said...

Good work! Love it.

weareallghosts said...

Hey everyone... thank you for your support & encouragement. You have to grab those opportunities when they come, you know.



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