Saturday, January 09, 2010

This is cool :: the Momento app for the iPhone

momento is an interesting diary app for the iPhone... that pulls in your updates & "@replies" on Twitter, status updates on Facebook, photos uploaded to Flickr & tracks "loved" on Last.FM to create a narrative of your day... which you can build upon by adding "moments" (aka diary entries) during your day... and add further photos.

It has a lovely user interface and is underpinned by metadata tags... allowing you to search back for the moments you have recorded. "Food" for example is one I use for when I'm eating out... and I want to remember where I've been.

I think the app is fab... I have been using it since Christmas '09. Pulling the social feeds really adds to the diary experience. If you tweet like me then you will already be recording the key moments in your day... and I like how it all works to build up a descriptive & holistic picture of your day.

What's more... I see this app having real potential. Imagine it pulling in other feeds... like blogposts, shared Google Reader items or even reviews on Yelp. A desktop app would be an excellent extension too. There is real room for growth as a way of recording your "social media" footprint.

Well worth checking out... if you have an iPhone.


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