Saturday, April 17, 2010

My 100th blip... and a wee story behind it

Yesterday I posted my 100th blip on I signed up for blipfoto a while ago and have been slowly adding my "project365" pic (on the days the pic doesn't have a border). I received a number of comments, a remarkable number of views and even got featured on the site's "spotlight" page.

I am suitably delighted with this... but wanted to share a wee bit about the photo... something the more astute amongst you may have noticed from the pic's metadata:
FinePix A500 : f/8.5 : 1/800" : 6.4mm : ISO 100
The pic wasn't taken with my digital SLRs... nor was it taken with one of my "cult" 35mm cameras such as the Olympus Trip 35 or the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim... it was taken with a 5mp FujiFilm "point-and-click".

Now... before you say it... yes, I have enhanced the pic with Adobe's Lightroom... but you can't enhance what you don't have. I was in the right place at the right time... and I saw the opportunity presented.

As I've said before... there are 4 things a photographer needs:
  1. An eye for a photo
  2. An opportunity
  3. A camera
  4. The right amount of time
Where I am going with this is that having an eye and having an opportunity isn't enough if you don't have a camera... afterall the best camera is the one you have with you... but you do NOT need the best camera in the world to be capable of capturing beautiful imagery.

What is more important is that you develop your eye... and be open to the opportunities around you... whilst carrying what you have with you. If, as you develop... grow... evolve... as a photographer, you wish to expand your technical abilities through the mastery of more complex equipment then so-be-it... but having an SLR, for example, is secondary to having the eye and being open to your opportunities.

Develop your eye by shooting at every given moment... snapping as many of the opportunities presented to you... regardless with what you capture the moment with. This is a craft where experience is key.

Here's the original for you to see what I mean...

160410_ NoMo #5 (106/365)

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