Monday, April 26, 2010

Scanned... Good News Bible (illustrations by Annie Vallotton)

I have featured the art of the Good News Bible before but I felt it fitting to come back to it after buying a mint condition copy in a charityshop for 50p.

I grew up with the Good News Bible and cherish the simple illustrations from the Swiss artist Annie Vallotton. When I featured the artwork... I couldn't find much on Ms Vallotton herself. I have, however, found an interview with her on this fantastic blog :: the Bible illustration blog. The interview is first class and I would encourage you to check it out.

That said, one question really stood out to me...
Can you remember how long it took you to illustrate the Good News Bible? 
I can't remember. It took me a long long time I must say, I didn't want to have illustrations with many lines. My desire was to have just the main lines. This is why I did some of the drawings 80-90 times before I achieved the one I wanted. I wanted to simplify them the most I could. I wanted to get to the truth...the most important thing!

I like that sentiment.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate why I love the art of the GNB:

Awesome... and very inspirational to me.

More scanned imagery to come in this infrequent series on illustrated Bibles.



Angus Mathie said...

There is a tremendous example in that answer and one that I want to hold on to. I have also been a great believer in giving God the very best even though the review and refining process is always painstaking. Why should we give God any less than the best we can achieve?

weareallghosts said...

I totally agree Dad... albeit I will resist in using the parlance of the football manager. I will give God my 100% ... not 110% ;-)


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