Monday, April 26, 2010

Scanned... Good News Bible (illustrations by Annie Vallotton)

I have featured the art of the Good News Bible before but I felt it fitting to come back to it after buying a mint condition copy in a charityshop for 50p.

I grew up with the Good News Bible and cherish the simple illustrations from the Swiss artist Annie Vallotton. When I featured the artwork... I couldn't find much on Ms Vallotton herself. I have, however, found an interview with her on this fantastic blog :: the Bible illustration blog. The interview is first class and I would encourage you to check it out.

That said, one question really stood out to me...
Can you remember how long it took you to illustrate the Good News Bible? 
I can't remember. It took me a long long time I must say, I didn't want to have illustrations with many lines. My desire was to have just the main lines. This is why I did some of the drawings 80-90 times before I achieved the one I wanted. I wanted to simplify them the most I could. I wanted to get to the truth...the most important thing!

I like that sentiment.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate why I love the art of the GNB:

Awesome... and very inspirational to me.

More scanned imagery to come in this infrequent series on illustrated Bibles.


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