Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My new lens... and a story involving "can" & "do"

040510_ my "nifty fifty" #1

On Friday I was given a "special recognition award" at my work... for my efforts on my current project. Without going into too much detail... I am working on a project that will introduce a SharePoint intranet to my workplace.

According to wikipedia...
"Microsoft SharePoint is a content management system with integrated search functionality developed by Microsoft that allows users to work in a web-based collaborative environment."
SharePoint is a fab tool... and one that folks like me can pick up relatively easily... given time and patience.

Thing is... I am a Business Analysis.  My job is to understand what the business want and translate that into requirements for my developer colleagues.  I write documents. I advocate and communicate on behalf of the business. My focus is on what the business requires and not the solution that our technology can provide.

Over the last few months... not only have I been focussed on the solution... I have been building the solution.

I could have said "I don't"... I could have said it wasn't what I do and stuck to my "safe" world of business analysis.

I could also have said "I can't"... because I didn't have the skills to build within SharePoint.

But I didn't... I said "I do" and "I can"... and stepped up.

I guess I stepped out in faith... because I really didn't have the skills to start.

Anyway... I was rewarded for stepping up... with a sum of money that enabled me to buy a "nifty fifty" fifty millimetre fixed lens that can drop down to the blurtastic F/1.8 when set on Aperture Priority.

It really is a brilliant wee lens... one that takes a wee bit of getting used to compared to the standard 18-55mm autofocus lens that comes with the camera (the one I took the pics in the post with). Going from auto to manual focus is tricky... but worth it... especially when exploring shallow depth of field, the bokeh & blur.  The rewards are awesome... in my humble opinion... and have enjoyed "upping my game" over this weekend.

So yeah... thanks to my work.  I consider it an investment in my future.


040510_ my "nifty fifty" #2

040510_ my "nifty fifty" #3


Unknown said...

It is a great lens, and a bargain IMO. Look forward to seeing your results :-)

Angus Mathie said...

Well done both in what you have done at work and your choice of lens. I wish you well in its use.


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