Monday, May 03, 2010


030510_ Hamilton Mausoleum #4

I took Dayna & Miriam to see Hamilton Mausoleum... post visit to the Low Parks Museum and pre visit to McDonalds and the Viewpark Gardens - see full photoset here.

We had a fab time... albeit... we were saddened to see the Hamilton Mausoleum surrounded by 7 foot metal fencing that meant that we couldn't explore up close and personal. We were saddened but understood this was necessary to stop the numpties who think their personal mark on history aka graffiti is more important than a building that is older and more important than they will ever be. I see their graffiti and vandalism to be a crime against me... against my community.

Anyway... the blossom on the path leading up to the Mausoleum was awesome. I hope I have done justice to the beauty there.

030510_ Berries near Hamilton Mausoleum (123/365)

030510_ Blossom #4

030510_ Blossom #3

030510_ Blossom #5

I love Lanarkshire!


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Angus Mathie said...

Number 5 is so good I am lost for words! It is a fantastic combination of the beauty of the close up plus the distinguishable dome of the Mausoleum in the background. A combination of the historical and the new.
Surely a candidate for the best photo you have taken?


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