Sunday, May 16, 2010

What is it about skateboarding videos that inspires me so?

I'm knackered. I worked my first Sunday... in a long time.

The project I am so blessed to be part of went from content to production over the weekend. In essence we went into a live "beta" before the big launch next Monday. I'm blessed because I am playing to my strengths and get to "geek out" building the website... taking photos... editing photos in photoshop etc. I'm a pig in poo, to be honest.

Thing is... I am tired and I am weary... and I really could have done with being in an uplifting and worshipful environment tonight... but I skipped church and slept on the sofa... listening to my latest mixtape.

I'm spiritually weary. Since giving up ((deep)) I've felt there was a gap in my life that hasn't been filled. The problem is... I'm not filling it. I struggle to read my bible... even when its the no.1 app on my iPhone.

I struggle to read in general. I would love to read as voraciously as some of my peers do... but I don't... I can't. I think this is my next challenge.

I feel I am only now finding my creativity... but I have been a fan of the creative for a long while. I have long coveted the skills of the artist... and am grateful to have found my special rhythm.

I see the Creator reflected in the creative... and in creation... both His and the creation of artists, designers, painters, musicians, architects, writers etc.

So yeah... I think this is why I find skateboarding videos so engaging and inspiring... because I see the Divine in them, if that makes sense? They speak a language... a visual language... that I can read.

I hope this makes sense?


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