Friday, May 28, 2010

An ego post...

Thomas 'Big Grin' Mathie, originally uploaded by Marc de Ridder.

First off... we have the pic from Marc de Ridder... taken on Wednesday when a group of six "photogeeks" from my office went on safari to find the elusive Clydeside Tiger. More on that later (when I find my USB Compact Flash card doohickey and upload the remaining pics from my Canon EOS 350d).

Secondly, I'm namechecked in a guest post by JD Blundell on Johnny Laird's blog. JD talks about connections and how we met up and connected...
And these days, Thomas and I are both been fond of saying that while we’ve never actually met in person, we know each other better than our next door neighbors.
'tis true!

I've been asked by Johnny Laird to do a guest post... so bookmark his blog.



Johnny said...

Looking forward to your post!


Angus Mathie said...

It is not "big ego" to talk about good things, even if they are your own. Check out the use of "my" and "mine", for example, in 1 Philippians chapter 1. Hope you enjoy the podcast.


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