Monday, June 07, 2010

adidas Originals - Star Wars™ Cantina 2010

I have to say... I'm not sure about this one. It is very well done... and got my Dayna giggling at Greedo's demise... but I'm not sure. Is it too much? Have we gone too far in our commoditisation of the past? Does it cross the line into "blasphemy"?

I celebrate Adidas' attempts to celebrate the originality of Star Wars... but I think this may be a step too far.




theWeir said...


From watching it on my Desire, the clip looks really well made. That's a good thing.

I'm with you in feeling slightly uncomfortable about it though. For long enough, the Star Wars universe was a mystery. It was hard to watch the films as there were limited runs of VHS tapes, and very seldom shown on network TV.

That air of mystery added to the experience of actually watching the films.

In recent years as George Lucas has opened up, and as culture shifts online and more of the visual media we consume is remixed then this kind of thing is inevitable.

Sure, it may cheapen the experience a little, but we call that progress, don't we?

It's almost like you including a bit of classic Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock in a crazy mixtape!

Funny I enjoyed the Chad Vader sketches more than this - Maybe because it was more original?

theWeir said...

PS: Chad Vader is here:

Paula said...

"Celebrate originality"

Really? By doing nothing more than implanting some stars in a movie somebody else made? How about "Celebrate Rip-offs"?

Phht. It was fun to watch. But ads in general tick me off, especially when they try to be so hip that they hope I won't notice they are trying to sell me something. I notice. And it always offends me.

weareallghosts said...

I like the fact Lucas has opened up... and embraced the remix culture we call "progressive"... but it doesn't seem reverential, if you know what I mean? It seems flippant.

I would only add a Miles track if it fitted into the mix... and in doing so... it would be to showcase the track. I wouldn't drop it as a gimmick but because it felt right.

Don't get me wrong... it is a really well made video... but sometimes we need to leave things as they were. Let them be. This is too gimmicky for me. Whilst David Beckham will be around in 35 years... I doubt Ian Brown or Daft Punk will have such longevity.

I celebrate their thought... but it does seem to me to be a rip off. Adidas basking in the glory of someone else.

Shame really. It could have been so much better.



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