Thursday, June 17, 2010

Five from bandcamp #1

I've posted on bandcamp before. It is a site that I'm obsessive about at the moment. My only criticism of the site is that there is too much choice... and it takes time to narrow things down. Their is a need for trusted curators to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Now... I'm not saying I am a "trusted curator" or that I have an opinion of value other than the fact I like what I like... but I think I am going to post semi-regularly... when I find five new albums/eps on bandcamp that have captured my attention.

Hopefully you'll find something of value in the recommendations I make...

First up in this five is "the pumpkin patch cabin ep" by Abraham the poor... whose acoustic guitar orientated indie folk is simply divine. Simple without being simplistic... with some glockenspiel thrown in to make me very happy... his is the music for late nights and lazy days. This is the kind of EP I wish Olly would make.

Pay what you want.

I was very fortunate and extremely grateful to receive a free copy of "seafront" by lowercasenoises. I posted on his other album "marshall" recently... I really dig his post-rock soundscapes... and "seafront" is my kind of wonderful. Luscious and languid... haunting and emotive... powerful and moving. Well recommended.

$7 USD

Now... this album - "qualia" by Paul Kwitek - is something else... altogether. An extremely coherent collection of haunting hypnotic atmospheric ambient electronica and progressive house tracks with a real world flavour... this could be an album from One Giant Leap. His use of "found sound" as well as obscure percussion is just simply breathtaking.

I cannot recommend this album enough.

Pay what you want.

Back towards a post-rock bent... "natural process" by new century classics is full of the instrumental post-rock soundscapes that I just soak up. Imaginative and lively... with multiple instruments - strings... guitars... keys... glockenspiel... accordion... percussion - coming together to create a wonderfully healthy sound-salad... that feeds the soul and makes a chap like me very happy indeed. Truly first class!

Pay what you want.

Last up... we have "11-11" by AM Pacific. Rocky with a generous flavouring of electronica... underpinned and enhanced by sensuous and fabulously intriguing female vocals. There is something timeless about this album. Well worth checking out.

Pay what you want.

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