Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"the past WE inherit... the future WE build"

I've been meditating on this phrase... "the past you inherit... the future you build".

I noticed it on the gates of the Summerlee Heritage Museum & Park. It immediately struck a chord with me.

So much so... I snapped a pic and tweeted the image to my friends.

You may have been one of them... so I thought I'd ask you this... what does this phrase mean to you?

Please leave a comment... and, who knows, we may get a dialogue happening.


I've misquoted the phrase... its "the past WE inherit... the future WE build". Oops. Possibly more meaningful for folks? Who knows? Let me know. Tx


Jonathan Blundell said...

You can't change your past - you can only change your future.

No matter what took place yesterday, or the day before, or 200 years ago -- we can't change it. We can only build towards a better tomorrow.

Angus Mathie said...

I think the more the phrase is considered the more there is to it. For example, it is necessary to ask a number of questions for each half of the phrase before the various strands of truth can be looked at in more depth. It is deceptively simple yet it opens up various strands of thought; it could also be dismissed as a shallow catch phrase but that would a missed opportunity. I intend to return to thinking about the phrase.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks JD... thanks dad.

It is deceptively simple... almost bordering on a cliche but there is a truth here that we must hold on to.

I have inherited my past... but I do not need to accept the mistakes of the past for my future... I have an active say in my future. In fact, I have the power to build it.

This is in all elements of life... but is especially prevalent in the church. I have inherited the church as it is... but do not have to accept it as it is... I can change it... I can build a better future.

And I will.



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