Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Loving... "mind over matter" by Earlyguard

I am undeniably biased and subjective when it comes to Earlyguard's longform ambient drones. They click with me and really fit into my listening habits... and "mind over matter" is by no means an exception to this.

"Mind over matter" is released tomorrow and brings to a close Earlyguard's prolific spell of releasing a recording each month in 2011. It is with a touch of sadness that I note his desire to slow his release schedule... but then that's me just being a bit selfish... I guess I, like other ambient fans, have been spoiled by his prolificacy.

"Mind over matter" is a fascinating and immersive longform drone lasting nearly 45 minutes. It is deeply nuanced but still instantly accessible... with the inclusion of more "white noise" than I've heard before from him. This noise adds to the execution of the track and provides extra details within the drone.

The drone has a wonderful sense of movement. I visualise a train journey with the outside world flashing by. I find this thought both intriguing and relaxing.

And it is relaxing that I find the most appropriate word to describe this track. It creates head space and helps to block out the world, both outside AND inside, in a manner that insists for me to stop.

Last night, as I listened for the third time to the track, I tackled my ironing pile (I have too many shirts for work). The combination of the head space from the track and the repetitive action of ironing became deeply meditative... with both elements working together to enhance the other. It was a strange but profoundly fascinating and enjoyable experience... one I hope to repeat to the delight of my wife.

"Mind over matter" is released tomorrow for free on bandcamp. Please take time to check it out and do what you can to support and encourage independent music.


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