Thursday, April 16, 2015

011/100 - "And Silence" by Colbets

"And Silence" by Japanese duo Saitoh Tomohiro and guitarist Kari Takemoto, collectively known as Colbets, is another sterling release from Gavin Catling's Twice Removed microlabel.

The release consists of 61 minutes of the very best and most engaging ambient soundsculptures: 5 tracks that take me, as the listener, on a compelling journey into Colbets' beautifully nuanced and expertly handcrafted aural world.

I am really rather taken with this release: it has an unforced intentionality to it that I find appealing, particularly after a long and busy day in the office, a restful nature that gently persuades rather than forcefully demands.

Why only 100 words?

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