Friday, April 24, 2015

019/100 - "A Day In The Park / For Silencia" by The Soft Ensemble

Moving from "Valtari", we have a 22 minute longform piece, released by Twice Removed, entitled "A Day In The Park / For Silencia" by The Soft Ensemble.

The Soft Ensemble are L.J.Wegrzyn and G.Bojanek who made some music together for a release that never happened, and F.Appel who breathed new life into this music. Together they mixed found-sounds, field recordings and guitars to create an intriguing longform soundsculpture.

Whilst I found the field recordings to be inviting, I really liked it when the acoustic guitar makes its entrance near the end ... it hints of what could be from this collective.

Why only 100 words?

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