Wednesday, November 28, 2007

((deep)) number 2 :: Gary Bishop @ Erskine

The next ((deep)) will be on the 8th of December at the Erskine Salvation Army [couldn't get the City Centre Corps].

DJ Michael "the Ninja" Jessop will be dropping some fab, soulful beats too... to get things moving... with Paul & Jen Clement leading worship with the Essential Band.

Our guest speaker for the evening is Gary Bishop who was instrumental with the Eden Project in Manchester and has collected his thoughts and experiences together into his book :: Darkest England and the way back in >

There will an opportunity to quiz Gary... with DYO Iain Stuart interviewing him "on the couch".

There will also be an opportunity to pray and converse with friends and likeminded people. Coffee and refreshments will be available throughout the evening > grab a coffee and make a new friend!

Door tax is £3... with all funds raised being reinvested into the project.

Thanks for your support... and even if you can't be there in person... keep us in your thoughts and prayers > this is for Him. If you blog... grab the flyer and post it on your own. Get the word out.


We are considering putting on some transport... let Iain or myself know if you need a lift.

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