Thursday, November 01, 2007

Been busy...


Been busy since I last posted on the ol' nanolog. Have you missed me? Don't worry... I'll never abandon this fab cul-de-sac of thought and image in the great 'tinterweb.

Been working hard over the last few days in my day job... got a deadline for tomorrow that I've nearly met already... I hope!


On Monday night I worked on for a while... Olly was coming into Glasgow for an "A" chorus practice... and I decided to join her.

Interior of OKO Express

I grabbed some fab Japanese food with my project lead, Mike, while I was waiting for Olly. They do nice maki sushi... vegetable tempura and prawns... gyosa... Lovely. Something I should have done a while back... OKO has been open for a while and my lead has been commuting to Glasgow for ages too.

Kelvingrove Museum

I traveled with Olly to Glasgow City Centre... dropped her off and headed to the Beanscene across from the Kelvingrove Museum for a four-shot latte and some time to prepare for a prayer event in Glasgow tomorrow.

Olly was asked some time ago to prepare 6 prayer stations for a pre-Congress Prayer event in Glasgow. Long story short... I picked up the task and took time out with a coffee to prepare.

Preparing Lectio Divina in Beanscene

6 prayer stations :: Adult & Family... Children... Youth... Social Services... Emergency Services... and... Human Trafficking.

My role is to get people thinking a nifty little approach called lectio divina aka divine reading aka read... think... pray... live! I used the getting-away-from-it time to write the content. Worked. If you want to read them... just let me know.

Argyle Street Station

Tuesday was spent meeting and moving things on.

Met up with Iain Stewart and Paul Clement in wagamama for a ((deep)) debrief. We've received a ton of positive feedback... A lot of people got it and its made an impact. Nice.

At 5pm I met up with Michael "Ninja" Jessop to debrief him on the Prayer Stations and the way I thought they could be shaped. He knows people and got on the phone and made the connections that should deliver on Friday. He's a great guy and I hope to work with him again soon.

I finished the content late on Tuesday night. Spent some sweet time with Olly too. Knackered but a good knackered.

Shane Claiborne and me

Wednesday night was awesome! I headed over to the Bishopbriggs Community Church to hear Shane Claiborne and Brooke from the Simple Way talk about their irresistible revolution. What was said deserves a post on its own.

Jen, Paul, Jon, Lorna & Gordon

I was delighted at the turn-out from my tribe... Jon & Lorna... Gordon... the gang from Easterhouse... Paul & Jen... The Billard Bros... Nice!

John B

Callum & Andrew
Callum fae Easterhouse & Andrew B

Gathering at the Bishopbriggs Community Church


Shane was awesome [for some reason I keep saying awesome but its appropriate for Shane] and extremely funny. He is lovely, genuine and down-to-earth. We need more people like him.

Shane & Brooke

Brooke, from the Simple Way community, was there with Shane to keep things right and was so lovely and sweet. I got a chance to speak to her at the end... and she was so nice. She said she hated by "puppies" tee but did it is such a lovely way.

Its not everyday you meet one of your heroes but tonight was one of those nights.

Paul Ede

Thanks go to Paul Ede from Urban Expression for making this happen. He emailed Shane and the rest is history. Paul uses a pic of mine for his slides etc... getting Shane over was payment in full :-) Cheers Paul!

It was also sweet to see Paul's wife / better half... Esther... and Andrew Grinnell too from alove.

the remains of my tooth

Today... I got this bad boy remove from my upper right side of my mouth. It was smashed up and beyond fixing... well... fixing within my budget. Hence why my face is all numbed up in the pic at the top of this post.

Been a great few days... God is good!


Anonymous said...

Thomas and Olwyn,

See you at Congress.

Every blessing, Matthew & Debbie

Anonymous said...

Thomas, good to catch up on your week and hope your face has returned to its usual handsome self.
We pray God's blessing on the work you and Olwyn do for Him.


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