Friday, November 16, 2007

I am defined by my purpose and not by my context

Off your trolley

Been away from the ol' nanolog for a few days... I just didn't feel I had anything worth saying. We've been busy... experiencing some of the best that life has to offer:

  • Time alone with Olly... with coffee!
  • Time on the couch watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Olly and the we'ans.
  • Time with friends in Glenrothes... as three important kids :: Rachel, Calum & Sarah :: from the Drama Group were enrolled as junior soldiers. This was important for me... and for Olly... as we caught a glimpse of church as it is meant to be.
  • Time with my parents... watching them play with the we'ans... freeing Olly and I to have some time alone.
  • Time with my church... on duty... at another church. Singing the praises of our Lord.
  • Time with friends at a gathering... having a laugh over a spiced chai latte... after work.
  • Time in the bath... reading my Bible... reading a generous orthodoxy by Brian McLaren... resting from the busy-ness.
  • Time at work listening to Aphex Twin, Adrian Carter, The War of the Worlds, Regina Spektor... to name but a few. I love this freedom.

Its important for me to reflect... to look back at all the things that have contributed to my life... and that's why I will not let the ol' nanolog go.

Blogging... taking pictures... being part of online culture... is important to me.

Contemplation comes through looking back... and looking, in detail, at the subject matter. The nanolog is an outlet... my expression... of my gratitude to my Lord.

Being part is... for me... about representation. I am a follower of Jesus wherever I go... regardless of whether I am online or in the world. I figure I have to be in this online world too... although I am not... or at least try not to be... of either.

So... what's this all got to do with the photo above? Well I snapped this pic while walking to work. I felt it was relevant to where I am, at the moment.

I am the trolley... I know my purpose and I am willing to serve... as and when needed... to carry grouceries to the car etc. But the thing is... I am out of context. I am away from that which gives me context - the supermarket... and yet I still have purpose. My purpose hasn't changed but the context in which I exercise my purpose has.

This leads me to a realisation... I am defined by my purpose and not by my context.

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Unknown said...

Hi Thomas, hope your well. I bumped intae Olwins folks at Sandyholm Garden Centre and chatted away for ages. I even mentioned the music book as I got yer voicemail. I do need to pop in with it!


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