Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am a Maven

ThisNext pressies

Forgot to mention this... Received a package last week from ThisNext.com :: I have acheived MAVEN status and received a wee thank you pack from them...

I use the website as a scrapbook for all the stuff I like... its a wishlist space for all the sweet sneakers and tees and stuff that I dig (but will never afford). Turns out my recommendations hit the spot and I am in the top 12% of users on the site >> hence Maven status.

In the pack were branded M&Ms, some Parsley (because I have helped them grow), some cool stickers and a lined Moleskine pocket notebook. WOW!!! I was over-the-moon. I am halfway through my current Moleskine (plain pocket) and its fab to know there is a brand new one waiting for me.

Anyway... as a thank you... I contacted Armand over at Moleskinerie to tell him of the Moleskine love (its the number one recommended product on ThisNext) and he featured the story.

I know I am a big stationary geek... but it is cool to feature in a blog you read everyday. Nice.

Thanks Armand!

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Anonymous said...

let me be the first person to congratulate you on your mavenhood. Thats totally awesome. Just a quick note to say I'm back blogging. I know i took my time but im back. Oh and amazon got back to me, i have a temporary job for over the christmas time so hopefully by the time thats done i'll already have another one lined up.

Anonymous said...

Man that is awesome to receive a gift of moleskine material. I got a mammoth sized 2008 diary that I can't wait to start using. congrats maven headphonaught...


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